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Quieting a Kansas school with VRF HVAC

Tuesday, July 17 2018 8:39 AM

As the educational facilities within Kansas’s Dodge City United School District aged, teachers and students noticed the impact the buildings’ noisy HVAC systems had on the overall classroom experience. The district decided to solve the problem by equipping the schools with sustainable HVAC systems using geothermal technology. The energy efficient solution is expected to provide students with a better education experience, via a quiet environment, while simultaneously reducing the district’s utility bills.

“We work every day to conserve energy,” said Morris Reeves, the district’s energy manager. “Energy conserved is more money for the classroom—that is what we are all about. Ultimately, we want to improve the teaching environment.”

With 10 schools to renovate, the district opted to work on one facility per summer. In 2012, they set their sights on Central Elementary School, a 3252-m2 (35,000-sf) building located in the center of Dodge City.

“[Central] is a two-story brick building constructed in 1927, and....Read the full article The Construction Specifier

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