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Broadway Autopark Apartments

Wednesday, April 25 2018 3:20 PM
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In some bigger cities, Michael Ramsey’s concept is the stuff of urbanists’ dreams.

Sure, the concept of living in a parking garage has been tested in Atlanta, but no one has completed a retrofit that quite mirrors the scale of Wichita’s Broadway Autopark.

Over the span of the past two years, Ramsey and his Bokeh Development team have converted a neglected downtown parking garage at 303 S. Broadway into 44 high-end apartment units.

The apartments-in-a-garage officially opened on April 1, and about 20 of the units are already leased or pre-leased, according to Brittany Wahlers, assistant property manager at Broadway Autopark.

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Hayes Co. to build new Delano office complex

Wednesday, April 25 2018 3:07 PM
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t's not every day that a new building is built from the ground up in Delano, one of the older parts of Wichita, but that's what's about to happen at 559 W. Douglas.

Hayes Co. is building the 9,400-square-foot building.

"We are going to build some of it for us and some of it for lease," says president Will Hayes.

The company, which provides supply-chain solutions for retailers, has an office next door at 567 W. Douglas.

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Doc Green's to open in Derby

Wednesday, April 25 2018 2:56 PM
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Since the successful opening of Wichita’s third Doc Green’s Gourmet Salads & Grill near Central and Hillside a year ago, owners Tammi and Scott Kuthan continue to hear a request that they didn’t hear when they opened their restaurant on the east and west sides.

“Why are you not coming to Derby?” customers asked, Tammi Kuthan says.

She and her husband had been looking at Derby and south Wichita, but the requests made them select Derby.

“Derby is growing, and to us, it just has that hometown feeling to it, and we feel like we will just be a great fit,” Kuthan says.

The restaurant will open late this summer in the Town Square at the Oaks center at 2307 N. Rock Road.

At 3,170 square feet, the site is slightly larger than the College Hill Doc Green’s, which is the largest of three open so far.

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New concert and event center

Wednesday, April 25 2018 2:43 PM
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Wichita attracts its share of musical acts, but there are still a lot of concerts it misses.

 That's likely about to change with Wave, an indoor-outdoor concert and event venue that promoter Adam Hartke and a group of businessmen are planning along with a beer garden and food truck area near the northeast corner of Second and St. Francis.

Wave, which has a capacity for 3,300 people outside and another 500 indoors, is named in part for sound waves and light waves since multicolored projections will feature prominently in its design.

"It's going to be kind of a sensory experience," Hartke says.

There will be what he calls an "industrial, futuristic" look with metal, concrete, wood and shipping containers.

 "It's more of a 'Star Wars' meets 'Mad Max' type of venue."

 Hartke says the beer garden, which will have craft beer mostly if not entirely from local breweries, features in the name as well with "a nod to Kansas with amber waves of grain."

 There will be space for four food trucks, which can be there even when concerts aren't, along with barbecue from B&C Barbecue, lawn games and eventually a deck.

 "I'd been thinking about an outdoor venue for years and years," Hartke says. "We've never had a legitimate outdoor venue."

 Wave will have "a full-blown stage with rigging and lighting," says partner Dave Wells, who also is president of Key Construction. "This is the real deal."

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